What is this stuff???!!!!

So Springtime in Alberta is beautiful.  Fresh clean air, blue skies, birds chirping, tulips starting to bloom and your Mayday Tree should be blooming just around the….wait a second.  WHAT IS THAT STUFF???   Ah yes.  Black Knot.  A client recently commented that it looks as though someone tossed dog poo into a tree (yick!)…butContinue reading “What is this stuff???!!!!”

Alberta summers are short and sweet.  For many of you gardening is something you just don’t have the time for but you want to really enjoy your garden.  That’s where we can help.  If you have any thoughts, ideas or questions about your garden feel free to give us a call.  Planning a veggie gardenContinue reading

Eco-Friendly Lawns

Are you considering making the switch from the typical heavy herbicide and synthetic fertilizer lawn care system you currently use?  Is your concern for your family, family pets and the environment a priority?  The Garden of Weedin’ is proud to recommend the services of Enviroperfect Solutions.  Enviroperfect Solutions provides a chemical free lawn care systemContinue reading “Eco-Friendly Lawns”