Eco-Friendly Lawns

Are you considering making the switch from the typical heavy herbicide and synthetic fertilizer lawn care system you currently use?  Is your concern for your family, family pets and the environment a priority?  The Garden of Weedin’ is proud to recommend the services of Enviroperfect Solutions.  Enviroperfect Solutions provides a chemical free lawn care system which manages and feeds the soil which in turn produces a healthy turf that naturally out-competes weeds.  With their help you can rid your lawn of harmful herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. Read more about their turf management system here. Looking for eco-friendly weed control on your acreage?  Enviroperfect Solutions has also recently produced a new, eco-friendly weed control product called A.D.I.O.S.   We have partnered on several residential properties, providing chemical free lawn and gardening services.  If you have any questions contact them at 780-994-4743 / 1-877-4769

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