Who we are…

Your home and garden are valuable to you.  Not only does your garden provide beauty, but it’s also a place to relax, to unwind and to celebrate the seasons of Alberta with friends and family. With that in mind, I have assembled a crew that holds the same high standards that I do with a keen sense of detail, ever growing gardening knowledge, strong work ethic and a passion for gardening.

Emmet Michael

Emmet is in his fourth year with the Garden of Weedin’. Beyond his passion for gardening, Emmet is a talented musician very involved in the Edmonton music scene. He is currently working on releasing his second album! He also loves reading and learning to embroider.

Caitlin Larsen

Owner/ Operator:
Caitlin began her gardening career in 1999 in Seattle where she mentored with Mark Tombulian of Tombulian Landscape Design. She started The Garden of Weedin’ in 2010 and received her Horticulture Specialist Certification in 2011. Currently she is working towards her Horticulture Therapy certification. Outside of gardening, Caitlin enjoys hiking with her two dogs, camping, painting, playing piano and gardening at her own home.

Daniel Driedger

Daniel Driedger is in his fourth year with the Garden of Weedin’. An excellent gardener, Daniel has a passion for plant and tree identification. He enjoys hiking, camping and spending time with his cat. He also lives on an acreage where he has a huge veggie garden.