Who we are…

Your home and garden are valuable to you.  Not only does your garden provide beauty, but it’s also a place to relax, to unwind and to celebrate the seasons of Alberta with friends and family. It is a place to find respite from the busy day to day. It is a place of contemplation. Your garden is a reflection of you. With that in mind, I assemble a crew that holds the same high standards that I do with a keen sense of detail, ever growing gardening knowledge, and a passion for gardening and nature. I carefully choose people who will care and tend to your property with respect and provide you with great gardening!

Caitlin Larsen

Owner/ Operator:
Caitlin began her gardening career in 1999 in Seattle where she mentored with Mark Tombulian of Tombulian Landscape Design and Nancy Morrison of The Garden of Weedin’ in Seattle, Washington from which Caitlin adopted the name of her own company. She started The Garden of Weedin’ in 2010 and received her Horticulture Specialist Certification in 2011. She will be receiving her Horticulture Therapy certification in April of 2023. Caitlin enjoys hiking with her two dogs, spending time with horses, camping, painting, and gardening at her own home.