Employment / We are hiring!

The Garden of Weedin’ is hiring!  Qualifications are….

  • Physically fit.  Gardening is tough work.  It requires a lot of bending, lifting, walking and stamina.  It involves a lot of use of the hands (weeding, pruning, digging, raking, pushing wheelbarrows around).  It’s hot, it’s sweaty and sometimes there are bugs.  Don’t be fooled by Martha Stewart!  This is hard work!  By the end of the summer you’ll be fitter than fit!  Think of it as a paid boot-camp.
  • Experience.  We are willing to train but a bit of experience or passion in gardening is definitely appreciated!  If you can learn or know the difference between a weed and a perennial that’s great!
  • A vehicle.  We have tried to work around this before, but having your own vehicle is very helpful.  If you live in the vicinity of the business a bike might work for you!
  • A great attitude!  Attitude is key when working in a group.  Some times the days are hot, sweaty, dirty and long. We battle bugs, sunburns, and sometimes ridiculously cute dogs.  A good sense of humour and positive attitude are absolutely necessary.
  • Drivers license.  We operate with 2 work trucks.  You’ll need to drive once in a while.  Let’s keep it legal people!
  • The ability to have fun and work well on a team.  This involves communication, something that we all can get better at.  What can you bring to the team?
  • Our season starts around the end of April and ends when the snow flies which is typically the end of October.  We are flexible and willing to work around summer holidays, festivals and other extra-curricular activities you might have but all in all, we need someone who can be around for the whole season.  Sometimes we might work the odd weekend too.
  • Love of nature, bugs, flowers, trees and all things outside.

If this sounds like you, send me an email.  Do you need to send a CV?  If it’s relevant.  If you have no previous work experience that is relevant, send me an email at ourgardenofweedin@gmail.com anyhow and we can talk!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Garden of Weedin’